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Description Sage wooden bowl candle (soap not included). Sage is healing and purifying. The scent...


Sage wooden bowl candle (soap not included). Sage is healing and purifying. The scent is herbaceous and woodsy yet sweet. 

All-natural beeswax candle poured into a hand-carved wooden bowl with three all-cotton wicks. The scent is natural and mellow, but not overpowering. Nothing toxic or artificial. Each candle is carefully packaged and comes with a label that lists the ingredients and burning instructions. The bowls are nonflammable.  Hand-poured in Lake Arrowhead, California.  

Each candle is made with pure white beeswax, which is naturally lightened by the sun and air. The beeswax is ethically sourced from a family-owned and bee-friendly farm located here in the US.  The beekeepers there use cruelty-free practices to keep the honeybees happy and healthy. 

Each wooden dough bowl is hand carved out of Spanish Oak.  Because each one is handcrafted, they vary slightly in size and shape. Originally, the dough bowl was a colonial staple, both beautiful and functional. In the 1800's these hand-carved wooden bowls were originally passed down from mother to daughter and utilized frequently, since they were (and continue to be) the perfect spot to let bread dough rest and rise.

The dough bowls are nonflammable. They are stained and soaked in wax and oil, and the flame doesn't create enough heat to burn the wood. As with any candle, never leave it burning longer for four hours or unattended. When you’re done with the candle, the dough bowl makes a great soap dish! 


Pure beeswax, coconut oil, sage essential oil, wood, and cotton wicks

*coconut oil is added to prevent cracking and to help the beeswax burn more consistently and evenly.  Beeswax is a dense, hard wax that burns very hot.  


Approximately 14 fluid ounces


Approximately 10” x 6” x  2.5”

Why Beeswax?

Beeswax candles differ from all other candles because they are healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable.  Beeswax is a renewable resource, which makes it biodegradable and nontoxic. Beeswax candles also act as natural air purifiers! When lit, they release negative ions into the air that attach to positive ions like germs, pollen, pet dander, dust, and toxins and neutralize them, thus cleansing the air. This makes them perfect for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Not only do they have so many healthy benefits, they are also naturally beautiful to look at. A burning beeswax candle emits the same light spectrum as the sun, giving it a brighter and bigger flame than other candles. The natural glow of the beeswax candle with its subtle scent creates a warm and inviting mood, perfect for any occasion.  

The Bee-auty of Beeswax

The beauty of beeswax is in its imperfections, so if you're looking for a flawless candle, beeswax may not be for you. Because beeswax is a natural byproduct of bees, all beeswax candles have different characteristics and each one is unique because of the flowers the honeybees have pollinated. They do not burn like soy and paraffin candles and may have little imperfections.

*coconut oil is added to prevent cracking and to help the beeswax burn more consistently and evenly.  Beeswax is a dense, hard wax that burns very hot.  


3-5 days lead time.  Ship via USPS Priority or UPS depending on weight.  US and International shipping. 

Burning Instructions

Your new Wooden Bowl Candle comes ready to light. You may notice the flames are larger and brighter than soy or paraffin candles. Not to worry, this is normal for beeswax candles. Beeswax burns brighter and hotter than other candles, so be sure it is in a place away from children, pets, anything flammable, and where there isn’t a draft. The first time you light it, let it burn for at least 3 hours, but no longer than 4  or the flame could get too big and begin to smoke and soot. Let it cool completely for at least 2-3 hours in between lightings. If you notice cracks in the wax after it has cooled, this is normal for beeswax and will not affect the performance of the candle. When you light the candle again, they will likely fill in with the melted wax. Trim the wick to 1/4” before lighting it each time and never leave your candle burning unattended. When you’re completely done with the candle, to remove any leftover wax just place it in the freezer for a couple hours, take it out and the wax should pop right out. After that, to remove any additional wax or residue from the wick tabs place it in a warm oven at 170 degrees until it melts and it will wipe right off with a paper towel.

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